Seiya Limited's aim is to continue to develop community conservation into a sustainable and profitable model to protect the Greater Mara Ecosystem.

All of the conservancies that we manage are outside of the protected Maasai Mara National Reserve and are highly suitable for agriculture; which has already placed tremendous pressure on the Mara ecosystem to the detriment of iconic and endangered wildlife and plant species.

Our Vision is to develop and implement robust, profitable community conservation plans that benefit people, wildlife and livestock, while maintaining ecosystem stability.



Photo by James Hardy

Photo by James Hardy

The protection of the wildlife and the ecosystem in which they thrive is the primary concern for Seiya. Every element of the Conservancy Management Plan is designed to further this goal.

We take an all-inclusive approach to achieve our goals, incorporating all aspects that can impact the protection of wildlife.



Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Community development on the Conservancies is paramount to assisting in the balance between human and animal conflict.  

Seiya works with the local communities to manage cattle grazing, water access and boma protection.



Seiya is able to provide the equipment and expertise in the Conservancies to build infrastructure, manage and maintain roads and other construction projects.